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Tin Pail Tales are interactive performances of beloved children’s literature, which feature a professional storyteller with the musicians. Audiences are essential participants in the performance of the story as the storyteller and instrumentalists create an unforgettable experience through the Coffee Can Theatre interactive storytelling method. It is remarkable how the use of simple hand held props with organized gesture and sound repetition brings books to life!

Tin Pail Tales Workshops
The storyteller and musicians work with the audience members (including the children and their caregivers) in a workshop format following a performance of Tin Pail Tales. The goal is to help the audience develop stories, props, and appropriate sound effects for their own Tin Pail Tales. These stories can then be performed by the audience members on subsequent days of the residency.

Tin Pail Tales facilitate literary comprehension, encourage creative thinking, develop problem solving skills, build confidence, nurture interest in reading and stimulate awareness of the performing arts. Tin Pail Tales performances are unforgettable shared experiences. Tin Pail Tales workshops are a unique and simple means for families and friends to create shared experience through the design and performance of their own Tin Pail Tales.

Tin Pail Tales can be appreciated by any age group, and are especially successful with pre-school through 4rd Grade. Tin Pail Tales programs and workshops are ideal for families, childhood development centers, libraries, youth groups, and special programs (such as Grandparents Day) at retirement communities.

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Tin Pail Tales
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