Ensemble Sonaris

Wayne Hankin, historical woodwinds/composer/arranger; Ruth Berry, ‘cello; Sherezade Panthaki, soprano; Michael Leopold, lute

Sherezade Panthaki, soprano
Wayne Hankin, historical woodwinds/composer/arranger
Michael Leopold, lute
Ruth Berry, ‘cello

Ensemble Sonaris is a quartet of musicians whose partnership takes music to a realm no other ensemble has yet ventured. Each member of the ensemble is an established artist; together the four are rapidly gaining notice from communities near and far. A blend of unique backgrounds and talents with an innovative “no holds barred” approach to programming, Ensemble Sonaris is the only ensemble of its kind in the United States.

The pioneers of Ensemble Sonaris met through a rare opportunity to design, rehearse and perform a concert in a supportive environment with free artistic rein. Less than six degrees of separation created the intersection in the paths and geographies of their lives and careers which brought them together; Each of the four had worked with one of the other; but all four had never before worked together. They “sounded out” and found each other.

Their common denominator– core values: Responsibility to Music. Responsibility to Community.
These core values are realized through a mutual need for and dedication to flexible sensibility, high level of skill, focused creativity, attention to detail, originality, variety, and respect for democratic collaboration.

Programs of Ensemble Sonaris (such as Le Ray au Soleil and Chiaroscuro; Sounds and Sights of Darkness and Light) feature the work of a similar group of complex and like minds, who (like Ensemble Sonaris) were given a safe space to brain storm and experiment: the Florentine Camerata, the consortium which brought to life the musical version of the Italian Renaissance during the second half of the 16th century.

Ensemble Sonaris is grateful to Chapel House, Colgate University. Without their vision for and proactive dedication to a supportive, unassuming, flexible and trusting environment, Ensemble Sonaris would still be a gleam in the eye.

Sonar = Sound Navigation and Ranging


  1. The action or process of measuring the depth of the sea or other body of water.
  2. A measurement taken by sounding.
  3. The determination of any physical property at a depth in the sea or at a height in the atmosphere.
  4. The area of sea close to the shore which is shallow enough for the bottom to be reached by means of a sounding line.
  5. Information or evidence ascertained as a preliminary step before deciding on a course of action.


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