Custer’s Last Band

Custer's Last Band

Custer’s Last Band is an ensemble of professional musicians whose sounds, styles and techniques beautifully and expertly blend with elemental forms of bluegrass, Celtic, gospel, folk and classical music.

There is something unforgettable, something magical that happens when this imaginative and virtuosic ensemble performs; we are brought to the past, present and future all in the same breath. Hearing their live performances on acoustic Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Bass, Banjo, and Voice of music rooted in the cultures of the Americas and British Isles is a genuine and inspiring experience.

Custer’s Last Band founding members are Natalie Johnson, Sara Lokey, Erin Russ, and Carl Purdy; they are often joined by musicians Billy Dukes, Jennifer Parker and Travis Shaw.

Founded in 1990, Custer’s Last Band received an auspicious kickstart ten years later, when they received an opportunity to premiere for the legendary mandolinist and fiddler Sam Bush at an Augusta Ballet post-concert soiree. They performed again for Sam Bush the following year, and have since been a mainstay attraction on concert stages and outdoor special events throughout the Georgia-Carolina region.

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