Rob Foster Jazz Quartet

Rob Foster Jazz Quartet
Jazz is one of America’s greatest art forms and epitomizes all that is unique and special about our country. A fascinating mixture of African and Latin rhythms, European harmony, and American pioneering spirit, jazz reflects our great tradition of democracy.

All members of the group are allowed a chance to shine (even the drummer gets the opportunity to create something new and fascinating); structure and order is provided by the piano, bass and drums, allowing a soloist the freedom to spontaneously create and improvise new music based on the old. Yet, that individual soloist must be responsible with his/her freedom and not stray too far from the foundation of the tune!

Jazz is not mere words or notes – it must be experienced! Come hear the Rob Foster Jazz Quartet expertly display the wonders of jazz. Featuring members of the Augusta Big Band Aggregate, the Quartet includes Rob Foster on saxophone, flute, and occasional vocals, Amos Hoffman on guitar and oud, Travis Shaw on bass, and Edwin Hamilton on drums. The Quartet’s repertoire includes pieces spanning the history of jazz, from early Dixieland and swing through bebop and bossa nova, plus original compositions by the members. You will hear everything from smoldering ballads to uptempo burners – all expressively played with dazzling improvisations and a tight ensemble.

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