Duo de Vista

Duo de Vista

Duo de Vista was founded in 2011, and within one year, became known as a passionate duo, engaging audiences with a wide variety of repertoire. Flutist, Teri Forscher-Milter, and guitarist, Marina Alexandra, have been recognized nationally in recitals at universities and concert series across the southeast.

Formed in 2011, this adventurous duo has risen from a collaboration project between two artists to an exciting performing act. The duo combines the virtuosity and precision of a chamber music ensemble with the passionate expression of soloists. Duo De Vista performs classical music rooted in tradition and folklore with a sound that is exciting and colorful.

Duo de Vista is based in Columbia, SC. They are frequently featured on local, regional and national classical music stages. The founding members, Marina Alexandra (guitar) and Teri Forscher-Milter (flute) are accomplished classical musicians recognized nationally and internationally for their playing, achievements, and contribution to music education.

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