Testimonials - Double Bass
I wanted to let you know how much our group enjoyed the Magellan String Quartet ("Global Navigation" educational program) on Monday. It was a new experience for the children and they really got into guessing the countries and the music. The musicians left a lasting impression….

Later that day when we were at home, my 1st grader got a little recorder instrument thing and started to go through the house blowing on it and making what seemed like to me horrible noise. He was walking around with his brother blasting the instrument and asking him what state he was in. The noise was annoying me and when he asked me what state he was in, I sarcastically replied, "confusion."

Magellan String Quartet

He continued on doing all of this and it dawned on me what he was doing. He was acting out what he had seen and experienced at the performance. He substituted "state" for "country," but he was traveling in his imagination from place to place, playing his instrument just like in the performance.

~ Lisa Scarboro, Statesboro, GA

I very much enjoyed the music of the Magellan String Quartet last Thursday. The experience was greatly enhanced for me by the relaxed atmosphere created by the musicians, as well as by the background information and "technical breakdowns" they gave us throughout the performance. Hearing the musicians explain, for example, how the instruments are "talking to" and "answering" each other gives another dimension to listening to music composed this way. Going back over music they had already played and breaking the piece down to its component parts after suggesting to us that to listen for was, to me, extremely helpful.

~ Student, Creative Arts Class, MCLA

Community Engagement

Justin Resley, cello

I want to thank you for providing the opportunity for the Magellan Quartet to visit my class in Popular Arts As Business. Not only was their music a joy to hear, but their sharing of the realities of making a living and doing the job as creative artists was invaluable. They provided excellent illustrations for many of the points I have been attempting to make in class since the semester began. I only wish they could have stayed around all semester.

~ Robert Bishoff, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

The Magellan String Quartet.concert at Liberty County High School was a highlight of the month’s fine arts offerings as part of the music curriculum in county. All selections were professionally performed, both technically and musically. We have received many positive comments from faculty and students. As a result of this event, we have been authorized to host a regular concert series as part of the school curriculum. We plan to expand the scope of offerings to include other professional, college, military,and symphony performers.

~ Liberty County Schools: Director of Bands and Director of Choral Activities

Lyra Vivace - Thomson Methodist Church

Thanks so much for a beautiful (Duo Intermezzo) concert last night! It was such a blessing for our congregation and community to hear such beautiful music. We need that in Thomson!!! We appreciate your taking the time to include our church in your schedule and do what you can to foster, encourage, and promote live performances at our church and community.

What was wonderful, too, was that I had never seen many of the people in the audience. The concert was truly a ministry for our church in the community, as it brought people who would have not come to a traditional church service setting, but it brought them out to hear a concert such as this. We will look forward to the next time

~ Jeanie Joesbury, Thomson Methodist Church

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Ensemble Recitals

Lorraine Jones, flute

The Magellan String Quartet demonstrated qualities of some of our most highly acclaimed chamber ensembles. The musical vitality of the quartet comes from its highly expressive range, lyricism, and complete control over the musical material. They know what it means to “make” music. Rhythmically, the Magellan is a highly unified quartet that lashes out and engulfs the listener in a torrent of sounds – always performed in an appropriate interpretative style – leading the listener to experience the best of impassioned playing.

~ Brian Fitzpatrick, North Adams Transcript October 5, 2001

Thanks (to Duo Intermezzo) for the beautiful concert on Sunday. I wish y’all could have been in the lobby as people came out. They all just loved it! We are still hearing good things about it. Hope we can work it out for next year!!

~ Washington Little Theatre

I’ve heard nothing but delightful comments about your (Duo Intermezzo) program…. Thank you for bringing your beautiful music to SGC.

~ Director of Student Life, South Georgia College

Eliza Hesse, violin

Ruth and Kevin (Duo Intermezzo) gave a lovely concert last night. Thanks for arranging it. I really liked the variety of their pieces. Who would have thought the music from Forrest Gump would sound so beautiful when played like that?

~ Faculty, South Georgia College

The (Duo Intermezzo) concert yesterday at Aiken First Presbyterian (Midday Music and Lunch) was fabulous, especially "nostalgic" in your words. The musicianship between you and Kevin showed expert expertise on your respective instruments. The program consisted of great variety, as well as familiarity with outstanding favorites. Your personal comments regarding each selection were most informative and would have supplied me many sermon seeds and gems if I was still active in the pulpit. Many thanks for your noontime inspiration that will last and grow for a long time. Also, we appreciate your marvelous talent regarding your partnership in composing superb arrangements for the music.

~ Robert and Elaine H. Aiken, SC

(Duo Intermezzo) really was wonderful! The poetry readings complemented the music and had such wonderful undertones of spirituality… beauty… thankfulness… just goodness really!

~ Amy S., N. Augusta, SC

Carl Purdy

I especially enjoyed your spoken introductions to the different pieces. It is obvious that you (Duo Intermezzo) put much time into the research behind each of the pieces and the introductions complement the pieces very well.

Many things which you said about the songs and hymns were news to me and I’m sure news to many others in the audience.

~ Jeanie J., Thomson GA

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After an overly busy Sunday morning with three hours of preaching and teaching, I entered your (Duo Intermezzo) recital room at the Morris Museum, tired and "at the end of my rope," as the saying goes.

The moment you placed your bow on the strings, I was immediately refreshed and rejuvenated for a wonderful hour of familiar musical enjoyment and we headed for Aiken "with a song in our heart." What more could we have wanted for a Sunday afternoon – far better then a nap! We especially enjoyed the 3 Scenes from Childhood, and the sonorities from the cello in "None But the Lonely Heart" almost lifted me from my chair. In a word, all the selections were thoroughly familiar and made for a delightful hour.

Testimonials - Guitar

Just a further word regarding the penetrating teamwork between you and Kevin, not only in performing the music, but the special gift between you both in producing the arrangements. What talents you are able to share. Moreover, your commentary on each piece was exciting and stimulating. Do it again and let us know where!!!

We were privileged to attend this noon at your (Trio Intermezzo) concert at St. Paul’s in Augusta. Such a novel presentation. Not only was the playing highly significant from all participants, but there were so many "extras," such as your arranging of the numbers, your verbal script, which was most informative and unique, the comments on the key signatures being played and the timely significance of ending the concert with "For The Beauty of the Earth." What a wonderful Springtime ending of the half hour of music. When we exited the front doors of the church, Spring was everywhere about us. The three of you made our day.

What more can we say except to say that it was a beautiful experience. Many Thanks.

~ Bob and Elaine Hibbard, Aiken SC

Special OccasionsLyra Vivace - String Quintet

Thank you again for a wonderful (Lyra Vivace) concert yesterday. Ruth, you continue to amaze me with the quality programs that you put together for us and I am eternally grateful.

~ James Bennett, Aiken’s Baptist Church

I’d like to add our personal thanks and appreciation for your efforts in securing the (Lyra Vivace) players for the Good Shepherd concert at Aldersgate Methodist. Their skills contributed greatly to what turned out to be a really lovely concert – and for them to play so well on such short time together was truly impressive! Your part in putting this all together was absolutely critical and we thank you for your expertise, professionalism and just plain kind assistance.

~ Gene and Sarah Colborn, Covenant Presbyterian Church

…The string quartet did an amazing job (for the wedding and reception….) We were thrilled with the wonderful job they did. Please convey my appreciation for a job well done. Thanks for your efforts in coordinating everything.

…I have one daughter and one son to go. …I am sure I will be in touch again !!! Thanks again.…

~ Robin Allen, Augusta, GA

Testimonials - Thomson First United Methodist Church

Just wanted to write and let you know how very much we appreciate the beautiful arrangement you did for us – "Carol of the Bells" – at Thomson FUMC. It was quite lovely and all the singers and instrumentalists commented on it as well! You really ought to submit it for publishing! We hope that you will do more like this for us in the future.

~ Jeanie Joesbury, Music Director, Thomson FUMC

Fabio Mann, trumpet

… one of the strongest aspects of our concert was the effort to create ensemble – and that was evident in the choir and in the orchestra. We (the Augusta Choral Society) work diligently for many rehearsals to achieve our ensemble goals, but the orchestra has only the single rehearsal and the actual performance to realize theirs. It is a tribute to Ruth Berry that she is able to bring in people of such skill who are also interested in the musical product – and I don’t believe that’s as easy as it sounds! And I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the leadership that Neil Casey projects from the concertmaster’s chair. Both Ruth and Neil are invaluable to our performances and we are remarkably blessed to have them working for us.

~ Porter Stokes, Augusta Choral Society Artistic Director

Ruth Berry’s careful selection of orchestra players is a huge asset to us too since we only have one rehearsal with the orchestra to pull our concerts together.

~ Carolyn C. Dolen, Executive Director, Augusta Choral Society

Lyra Vivace
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