Event Horizons

Event Horizons
An eclectic ensemble specializing in songs and acoustic soundscapes crafted from Classical, Folk, Jazz, Gospel, Bluegrass, and Music from British Isles. Event Horizons features Carl Purdy on many instruments (including violin, guitar, mandolin, pennywhistles and vocals), often accompanied by Jennifer Parker on vocals, violin, mandolin and guitar, and Sara Neal Lokey or Travis Shaw on Double Bass.

Event Horizon is a term from physics that describes the edge of observable space. Like this boundary beyond which light cannot escape, we present the listener with music that provides an open field for associations and possibilities. Our music threads together a continuous evolution of themes, traditions, and original developments in music styles from antiquity through the 21st century.

Concert Flyers

Please click here for more information about Evenings in the Appleby Garden or download a brochure in pdf format.

Sample Program
Mummer’s Fig/Christimas Eve Irish Fiddle Medley
My Dear Someone Trad. Bluegrass
Precious Memories
Poor Wayfaring Stranger
I Am a Pilgrim
Trad. Gospel
Watson Song Bluegrass Rap
Double Concerto Double (two mandolins, bass) J.S.Bach/Carl Purdy
Ashokan Farewell Jay Unger

Photo by NASA and ESA
Photo by NASA and ESA

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