Nov 24: Tuesday’s Music Live at St. Paul’s

The Continuo Collective of the South

  • Angela Massey, flute
  • Pawel Kozak, violin
  • Ruth Berry, ‘cello
  • Ken Courtney, spinet

November, 24, 2015, 12 Noon

  • Location: St. Paul’s Church, 605 Reynolds St, Augusta, GA 30901
  • free concert admission
  • catered lunch at 12:30, advance reservations required. Click here for reservations.


Sonata for Solo Violin in G minor

  • Movement I: Adagio
J.S. Bach
Sonata "La Vibray" for Flute and Continuo

  • Movement IV: Sarabande
  • Movement V: Allegro
Trio Sonata in A major

  • Movementt I: Allegretto
  • Movementt II: Andante
  • Movementt III: Tempo di Menuetto
J.C.F. Bach
Canon and Gigue Pachelbel

Click here for more information about The Continuo Collective of the South.

Continuo Collective of the South

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