The Continuo Collective of the South

Performs Music of J.S. Bach and Family

Ken Courtney, harpsichord; Ruth Berry, ‘Cello

Angela Massey, flute; Pawel Kozak, violin

The John and Jean Chase Concert Series at Brandon Wilde

Brandon Wilde, 4275 Owens Rd, Evans, GA 30809
Thursday, January 16, 2014, 7:30 pm
No Admission Charge

The Continuo Collective of the South performs Baroque and early Classical solo and ensemble instrumental music. This concert of works composed by J.S. Bach and his sons will take you on an exploration of the High Baroque unaccompanied beauty of the solo flute and variety of intricately woven, counterpoint and continuo-driven Trio Sonata textures, into the simpler, broader clarity and architecture of the Classical stylistic period of music. Click here for more information.

Program: J.S. Bach and Family

Partita in A minor for Solo Flute, BWV 1013

  • I. Allemande
Johann Sebastian Bach, 1685-1750
Sonata No. 4 for Violin in C Minor, BWV 1017

  • I. Siciliano (Largo)
Johann Sebastian Bach
Trio Sonata in B-Flat, BR B16-F50

  • Largo
  • Allegro ma non troppo
  • Vivace
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, 1710-1784
Sonata for Flute in G Major “Hamburg”, Wq.133

  • Allegretto – Rondo: Presto
Carl Philip Emanuel Bach, 1714-1788
Trio Sonata in C Major

  • Allegro
  • Andante
  • Rondo-Allegretto
Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, 1732-1795
Trio Sonata in G Major

  • Allegro assai
  • Larghetto
  • Presto
Johann Christian Bach, 1735- 1782

Minuets in G Major and Minor
(from the 1725 “Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook”)

Christian Petzold, 1677-1733
Trio Sonata BWV 1039

  • Adagio
  • Allegro ma non presto
  • Adagio e piano
  • Presto
Johann Sebastian Bach

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