Event Horizons Concert

Tuesday Music Live

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Augusta, GA

November 5, 2013, 12:00 noon

Jennifer Parker: Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals

Carl Purdy: Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, Border Pipes, Vocals

Travis Shaw: Double Bass, Vocals

Program will include:

J. S. Bach Double Violin Concerto: arranged for Violin and Mandolin by Carl Purdy

Wild Mountain Thyme (Irish Traditional)

Doud’s Favorite/The Ten Pound Float/The Morning Dew (Irish Traditional)

The Wee Weaver (Irish Traditional)

Over the Waterfall/Cuckoo’s Nest (Traditional Old Time Bluegrass)

That’s a Plenty – Lew Pollack (Arranged by Carl Purdy)

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