Continuo Collective Performance

All in the Bach Family:

Music by

J.S. Bach and his sons, CPE, WF, JCF and JC:

Continuo Collective of the South

Ken Courtney, harpsichord; Ruth Berry, ‘Cello
Angela Massey, flute; Pawel Kozak, violin

Presbyterian College: Edmunds Recital Hall

Monday, October 7, 2013 7:30pm

The Continuo Collective of the South performs Baroque and early Classical solo and ensemble instrumental music; this musical offering of will take you on an exploration from the unaccompanied beauty of the solo flute and accompanied solo violin (J.S. Bach Partita in A Minor, Sonata in G minor) to the variety of intricately woven, counterpoint and continuo-driven Trio Sonata textures by J.S. Bach and his many sons (harpsichord and cello plus violin and flute).

The Continuo Collective of the South is an ensemble dedicated to the vast repertoire of Baroque and early Classical chamber music. The “continuo,” the harpsichord and ‘cello, is the consistent, driving force of the group as they cover all of the harmonies and reinforce the “voice” most fundamental to baroque accompaniment: the bass line. This core duo is always included in the Continuo Collective’s concerts and joined by a variety of instrumentalists or vocalists depending upon the repertoire being performed.

The founding members of the Continuo Collective of the South are the continuo of ‘cellist Ruth Berry and Ken Courtney on harpsichord; with soloists Angela Massey (flute) and Pawel Kozak (violin).

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